It was standing room only at Brown Cow Sunday. It was probably the same at Pasciugo but … no parking space. Here are Meredith and Kasey Agnew cooling off with their parents Mindy and Rick. Meredith will be starting kindergarten at St. Bernardine in a few weeks.

Congratulations to Dorothy Tricoci and Andy Collis on being honored with a street named in honor of each. Dorothy Calderone Tricoci is a lifelong Forest Parker who raised her family here and has been a good friend and neighbor to hundreds. Andy has driven our kids to school safely over probably thousands of man (child) hours.

One of our businessmen, who shall be nameless, recently had dealings with BP (formerly called British Petroleum, but we’re not supposed to call it that anymore). Ask President Obama. Our neighbor found it ironic that BP has a “no spill” policy for coffee drinkers. All filled coffee cups must have a lid on them. If you leave your desk with an unlidded cup on it, you will find that cup has been “lidded” in your absence.

I received two angry letters this week – both signed, both requesting that their names not be mentioned. One really irate letter was about the dog park. The writer isn’t a Forest Park resident and says she’s glad she isn’t, given the condition of the dog park. She spoke for herself and some neighbors. My dog doesn’t care much for the dog park. Maybe he feels it’s too open. I don’t know, he doesn’t say. But I have mulched my yard so he and his friends can run around here all they want. And I don’t have to mow any lawn! It’s really a win-win situation.

The other letter was from a newcomer who wonders why Forest Park doesn’t have a Historical Society. Sad story that. We had a very active one years ago. The Oak Park-River Forest society asked us to join them many years ago. They had their own building, and a full-time paid employee. The rank-and-file members voted to join, but board members met in secret and vetoed the vote. Dr. Frank Orland, the longtime president, wanted us to join. He founded the society and worked so hard to research just about everything in town. He wanted these records, photographs, etc to be preserved. I think he could see this coming. The historical society material is now in someone’s basement.

Thanks to Two Fish and Team Blonde for making donations to the golf outing fundraiser for the Symphony of Oak Park-River Forest. This year’s outing will honor Adolph “Bud” Herseth, world famous trumpeter of the CSO. It will be Bud’s 89th birthday. Mr. Herseth occupied the first chair in the CSO longer than anyone before or since. If you’d like to attend, contact this outing and meet some friends and neighbors, call 708-657-4229 and leave your number. Forest Park’s longtime CSO member, the late Phil Blum, is no longer with us.

This week we honor the following birthday celebrants: Ryan Pacyga, Derek Hein, Jenny Okolowicz, Sharon Good, Kathy Thiesse, Rick Hemstreet, Stephanie Mondragon, Richard Lupiani, Kevin Thompson, Eleanor Konkowski, Julie Gordon, Cathy Collins, Claudia Mandile, Mike Espinosa, Kathy Huebner, Eric Neubeiser, Joan Bigos, Lauri Falbo, Enrico Granados, and Brett McNeil. Happy anniversary to Lorien Menhennet and Jeff Ashman.

Special happy first birthday to Julian Apilado.