I read an article about how the antiquated term “Act of God” still carries legal weight in our secular society. For example, when an insurance company wants to deny your claim for the tree that crashed through your roof, they can blame God for the high wind that toppled the tree.

Lately, Forest Park has taken some body blows from God. I mean, those poor people at 229 Marengo. One of God’s lightning bolts hit their transformer and the owners will have to supply electricity with a generator for weeks. Others have suffered God-powered storm damage in the form of floods.

But, why does an Act of God have to be a bad thing? Surely, He finds time between thunderstorms to help us out. For instance, my check engine light has been shining on my dashboard for years. Suddenly, it blinks off long enough for my clunker to pass the emissions test – divine intervention is the only explanation.

I can also point to good things God has done for my family: A sibling had a spot on her lung that turned out to be harmless; my younger son’s driver’s ed teacher gave him a passing grade and my older son got a job that makes him happier, healthier and wealthier. On a broader front, God helped the White Sox win 26 of 31 games to take over first place. No wonder, He was too preoccupied to plug that oil leak.

So, what Acts of God do we need here in Forest Park? Can He speed up ownership of the Roos Building to the park district? Will He fill our empty storefronts with new businesses? Dare we ask Him to find us jobs – any job?

I realize even God can’t improve our credit scores. But could He soften the hearts of lenders, so that half the population isn’t cut off from credit? I know that only God can make a tree but can He reverse a bank fee? I doubt that God can modify a mortgage but could He reduce the pain of student loans?

While He’s at it, I hope that God can resolve the construction strike, so they can finish repaving the Eisenhower. In fact, I would like to see Him bring all summer construction projects to quick completion. I already applaud how quickly He allowed a McDonald’s to be constructed on Madison. May He oversee more improvements to its menu?

But here’s the biggest miracle I’m asking for. Can God resurrect the Forest Park Historical Society, so that we can once again view its photographs and research its archives? Various authors, including myself, wish to write a history of Forest Park and God help us if we can’t access the sources we need to tell this dynamic story. And no, I don’t think He should use lightening.

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