Years ago during a hot spell like this, old timers used to say, “Hot enough for ya?”

Even back then I thought it was a stupid thing to say.

But the weather doesn’t bother Matt Hansen, who is busy giving loving care to his shiny red ’66 Ranchero. Maybe we’ll get to see it at the Tuesday Night car show one of these weeks. Thanks to neighbor Christina Respass for urging me to get a photo of Matt’s car.

Schauer Hardware has a brilliant new sign. Here are Don and Rich proudly posing in front of it. Soon there will be no one left in Forest Park who will call it “Peaslee’s.”

Speedy get-well wishes to one of our favorite dogs, Brandy Gianakopoulos. Brandy’s hip went out after a jump, and she needs complete cage rest for six weeks. All of her friends are broken-hearted for the little pooch.

Coming soon to a bookstore near you! The 20th anniversary of Centuries & Sleuths, September 2010. More than 50 authors and 11 panels will participate. Saturdays and Sundays beginning Sept. 4 and ending Sept. 26. Admission will be $2 per person per day, your $2 will be refunded with every $20 purchase on the day of attendance. On Thursday, Aug. 29, author Fidelis Morgan and actress Cecilia Imrie will perform and sign copies of their book, Unnatural Fire with Courtesan and Countess Ashby de la Zouche at 7 p.m. Don’t be late! Store owner Augie Aleksy also gave a generous donation to the Brass Buddies Golf Outing to benefit the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest.

Christmas and the annual Nutcracker are coming soon. Nutcracker auditions will be held Saturday, Aug. 14 at Roosevelt Middle School, 7560 Oak Ave., in River Forest. For information, call 773-237-1874. Girls 45 inches and under, 8:30 a.m; girls 46-48 inches, 9:30; girls 49-52 inches,10:30; girls 58-61 inches, 1 p.m.; boys 5-12 years old, 2:30 p.m.; male and female, teen through adult, 3 p.m. Bring a photo. The productions will be at Chodl Auditorium, Dec. 7 through 12.

Birthdays this week are Hope Simon, Brent Marler, Debbie Wall, Heather Byrnes, Karen Stuart, Kelly Rice, Debbie Espinoza, Kelly Crawford, Jon Scheiwe, Chris Behnke, Kathleen Marie Lane, Marie Gianelli, Madeline Kochman, Dyonne Scheiwe, Cali Carlson, Ashley Ernst, Sandy Boy, Briann Balsavich, and Audrey Gaines. Happy anniversary to Janet and Gary Fink.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Special thanks to Tom Gorman for getting me out of a computer mess.