If you read this column last week, you deserve an apology.

The column went in before the flood, so no mention was made of it. Sorry for all who had water damage. Some blamed Tony Calderone. I’m not the president of his fan club, but certainly the flooding was not his fault.

Everyone has a flood story to tell. Here’s mine:

My friend Carol Stachura, a retired teacher and widow, bought a large A-frame house on Lake Delhi in Iowa. The lake was formed by damming up the Makokata River. The dam burst, taking the bridge, the lake and many houses with it.

Roger Grant, always the philosopher, said the flood made us get rid of a lot of junk.

Author Fidelis Morgan and her friend, actress Celia Imrie, gave readings from Ms. Morgan’s latest mystery novel Unnatural Fire last week at Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore. The ladies had the audience laughing out loud. At one point they asked for volunteers from the audience to demonstrate emotions with facial expressions. The good sports who volunteered were Sybil Sporer, Gloria Coco and Tracy Aleksy. The volume of laughter rose higher as the ladies enacted facial descriptions from early English writings. The book is a fast, good read with old Brit slang words. A mystery with humor, it is one of the best books I ever got at Centuries & Sleuths.

Happy July 29 birthday to Fran Shippy who celebrated at Shanahan’s with friends and family. Margaret Walsh was the attentive waitress who joined in the celebrating.

Biker Bill Watson is assistant to Rickshaw Rick around town. If you’d like to hire them to brighten up your party, just call 773-771-3922.

Happy anniversary #7 to Old School Records, best bargains in town. Here’s to at least six more years at Madison & Beloit.

Happy birthday to Ashley Ernst, Sandy Boy, Briann Balsavich, Connie Mango Barbara Sullivan, Dan Giers, David Stahlke, James Childs, Betty Schulz, Roger Grant, Janet Sullivan, T.J. Janopoulos, Danny Seveda, Connie Robey, and Storey Hannah Novak. Happy anniversary to Tim and Peggy Grams.and Janet and Gary Fink.