Apologies to the first customers at McDonald’s last week. Somehow the photo never made the paper. Here are customers number 1, 2, 3 and 4, Joshua Hill, Luke Hedges, Tony Wesley and Jack Sullivan happily anticipating their first hamburger on Aug 2nd.

Rich and Uli Leib held their annual Music Festival Bash on Saturday, July 31. Professional musicians made the evening superb. The Leibs invite everyone, serve beer, pizza and lots and lots of really good entertainment. So many neighbors attended it would be impossible to name them all.

April Mainardi was a guest of Vince Stefanelli last weekend on her way to Battle Ground, Ind., where she and others are studying the social habits of wolves. This is a fascinating group, and you can get more information about it at wwwolfpark.org.

Brianne Kemmeler must say goodbye to her beloved horse, Tootsie, when she leaves Forest Park for a new job in North Carolina. Forest Park wishes Brianne good luck. Remember, you’re always welcome back in Forest Park.

Congratulations and many years of happiness to newlyweds, Marya Carey and Lewis Pleasant, Jr. They were married in Griffin, Ind., on Aug. 7.

Mike Hazel ran the Terrapin 5K last Thursday in 24 minutes. His next attempt will be the Elvis Alive 5K, where he will be dressed as Elvis in that big white studded outfit.. Hope the wind drag doesn’t slow Mike down too much.

You might want to drop in at Forest Park National Bank to see the excellent photography exhibit there, compliments of the Oak Park Photography Club which meets at the Oak Park Public Library the second and fourth Monday of each month. New members are encouraged to come and bring a photo. All levels are accepted. The club boasts a three-generation membership.

Belated happy birthday to 1-year-old Ellery Bland, July 7. Happy birthday this week to Rebecca Greskoviak, Allison Pacyga, Jake Brown , Al Verri, Mary Liebner, Phil Jilek, Linda Brhel, Natalie Erickson, Elizabeth Moravec, Dakota Staiger, Grant Neubeiser, Sandy Boy, Reid Thompson, Maureen Harnett, Colleen Murray, Rocco Cirrintano, Angela Tricoci, Kevin Nutley, Donna Prochazka, Thomas Curry, Betty Breseman, Mary Bosley, Christina Cassiani, Dorothy Grams, and Eileen Pfaff. Happy anniversary to Eduard and Maria Zamora and Joyce and Pat Oberg.

Thanks for your time and apologies for errors and/or misspellings.