Are you still there? The heat didn’t get you yet? Jodi Gianakopoulos, of The Old School Records, loves this heat and can’t get enough work done before it goes away. Their little dog, Brandy, is gradually recovering the use of her legs. Big girl Evianna is doing very well on her 15-month-old legs.

Sympathy to Natalie Erickson, new Forest Parker who moved here Aug. 1. Her mother died on the 11th. Our deepest sympathy to Natalie, her brother and her father.

Tiny Nancy Millar, a maintenance worker at St Bernardine’s, was rushed to Oak Park Hospital last week and underwent emergency surgery. She is improving and hopes to be back home in a few days. If Nancy were wearing lead boots, she wouldn’t weigh 100 pounds.

Jerry Walton is also much improved after his recent surgery. Mr. Walton is a retired Chicago Public School teacher. His wife, Cathy, retired from the Catholic school system a few years ago.

Web Musgrave, usually seen smiling from his front steps on Jackson Boulevard, has rarely been seen this summer. Even this hardy beekeeper says the heat’s been too much. You can buy Illinois-produced honey from the Web. Honey will keep forever, hundreds even thousands of years. It will never spoil. You probably knew that.

Little Anne Ashham, daughter of Alison and Doug Ashham, loves to mow the lawn, but only if she’s wearing her very best dress.

Welcome home to Denise Adkinson Williams. Denise recently returned to Forest Park and her position at Walgreens after attending a family reunion in Eudora, Ark., where she saw her grandmother, whom Denise had not seen since she was 9 years old.

As if dealing with this heat weren’t enough, a young woman who shall remain nameless, got an unexpected visitor last week. A bewildered bird flew into her apartment and she and bird panicked. Bird got stuck above the window air conditioner. The only way to get him out was to remove the a/c. That done, the bird flew out, and new neighbor, Chris Dykes, came to the rescue, re-installing the a/c and all was well.

Things aren’t so bad in Forest Park. Recently a group of us was discussing ordinances in some farther west suburbs. Here’s what they came up with: no window fans allowed in one, no vegetable gardens (only flower gardens) in another, no fences, no hanging out wash. Anything south of Evanston or east of LaGrange is considered dangerous. So let ’em stay where they are.

Happy birthday to Terry Hemstreet, Lisa Cozzi, Betty Breseman, Christine Cassiani, Mary Bosley, Eileen Pfaff, Lindsay Pritchard, Anthony Bower, Donald Childs, Madison Crowe, Amanda McAdam, Kaitlin Smith, Ida Hanson, Alice Nolan, Bill Lichtenberg, Lucinda Mister, Sydney Tellez Brennan, Raysel Geiss, Jacob Marchetti, Kamryn Edwards, Bonnie Cimiglia and Candi Manaois. Happy anniversary to Jon and Letitia Olmsted.

Thanks for your time.