Did you see last week’s Review? We scooped last Friday’s Chicago Tribune? Carol Freidl and Joan Steinbach did the I & M boat ride pulled by Larry the Mule two weeks before the Trib! Rose Everson and Marion Davis were also on that canal boat. The canal is just what we need: slow moving, peaceful, quiet and natural beauty. I hope it doesn’t get commercialized. Hurry down to LaSalle County before the big money guys   get there and ruin it. 

Knitting is back and better than ever! The library sponsored an introductory knitting class led by Susan Ross a few weeks ago and there was standing room only. The advanced knitters helped the beginners and everyone helped everyone else. Table One held knitters Lyssa Amison, Angelic Santos, Naureen Rizvi, Suncie Pagun, Zeenat Rizvi and Norma Reader. Norma was by far the fastest learner. Her little knitted square was flawless. Some of the groups have decided to get together regularly to chat and knit. In this world of jangled nerves, political fighting, and noise, noise, noise, knitting seems to quiet the nerves and promote peace. Maybe we should try to get them knitting in D.C. Send your senator or congressman a ball of yarn and some knitting needles.

The soldiers from Iraq honored Forest Park with their return. My neighbor witnessed a little boy about 9 years old on his way home from school, begging his mother to let him run over and just shake a soldier’s hand. The mother was, naturally, on her cell phone and screamed at the boy, “No! Get your *** over here.”  

Save your unwanted or no longer needed items for the CUinFP rummage sale at First United Church. Date on the way as soon as I find it. You have time since it isn’t for a few weeks.

The monthly trivia night at the Beacon seems to have caught on. It’s held on the 2nd Wednesday at 8 p.m., 101 Circle. The Beacon seems to have a nice crowd and the trivia is sponsored by the librarians. Prizes, good beer and no “shushing,” they say.

Good luck to our new editor, Katie Drews. It’s a hard job, lots of details to attend to and lots of people ready to criticize. She’ll do a fine job.

The Community Center will begin “Toddler Time” beginning Sept. 7. until Dec. 15. The class will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 11 a.m. It’s for 3 and 4 year olds and registration is required. The program is designed for children to experience interaction with others through play, story time, arts, crafts and music.

Sing happy birthday this week to Aaron Bakartis, Todd Marler, Christine Carr, Joe Carr, Clayton Davis, Kirk Scully, Karen Conway Kurey, John Erickson, Rick Stephanie, Lily O’Neill, Diane Huebner, Betty Huebner, Marion Flight, Nicole Walsh, Max Rus, Celeste Cosgrove, Claire Finnegan, Brian Foley, Adam Goetz, and happy anniversary wishes to Tony and Lois Calderone, Carol and Dave Novak, Guy and Katina Macino.

And of course, continuing get well wishes to Laureen Thornton who is looking good and eating well. Well, better than she had been.