Your week was better than mine, I hope. More about that later. Let’s start with an introduction to someone who needs no introduction. Kathy Thompson, crossing guard where dear Ed worked for so many years at Jackson Blvd. and Thomas Ave. Kathy is shown here with Greg Owens and his daughter Akillah on their way to junior kindergarten. Until the deli section at Famous Liquors closed, Kathy could be found there making deli trays, cheese dips and all that stuff. Sadly the deli section closed and Kathy was on the street looking for a job where she could be with people. Then Ed’s corner opened up, so here she is. Kathy is a life-long Forest Parker; her two grown kids, Jill and Steve, went to Garfield, Field-Stevenson and Nazareth Academy. Steve and his wife are living in Lakeland, Florida with their two kids. Jill and her family are here. Kathy and her husband Jim are still here looking forward to celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary in November.

Sympathy to Geri Grant on the death of her brother, John Greene. John died in California. Geri and her sister were with him.

Jim Cavanaugh has made a good recovery after his recent surgery. His friends in his building are happy to have him back and better.

Congratulations to Drew and Nicole Carter on the birth of their son, James Eli. James was born in London, where Drew is still with Crain’s.

Doris Vainisi was in town waiting for Chix with Stix to open. She comes all the way from St. Charles just to visit our knit shop. With the latest knitting craze going on in town, the Chix should be able to weather this economic storm. Doris said the knit shop in St. Charles had to close.

As I was reading Stephanie Kuehnert‘s column about feral cats, I spilled a glass of milk and had to use the Review to blot it all up. Within minutes the local dogs began barking up a riot in the yard. They seemed to have cornered some kind of wild animal. My pleas and shouts to come in were, as usual, ignored. So I grabbed the hose to spray them and get them away. And perhaps send the wild thing on its way as well. After the dogs got in I investigated the creature and couldn’t tell at first just what it was. It was cowering. It was a cat!! Injured? Sick? About to have kittens? What to do? I ran to the Forest Park police, what should I do? The officer on duty patted the gun at his side. I ran out. With Oak Park’s Animal Car League, there’s no luck unless the animal is an Oak Park or River Forest animal. Ran to my vet’s, got a number of someone who came out with a thick glove. I got my cat carrier and we got a big towel. She lifted up a big, brown cat with large black spots all over it. Back to the Animal Care League where it was checked for a chip. No chip, but it was a neutered male, an exotic breed. We took it to the nice lady’s house, left the door of the cage open and in a few hours, Mr. Exotic Breed was gone. I never got to finish Stephanie’s article. But when I tried her suggested numbers on my computer all I got were pictures, no phone number to call for immediate help. Forest Park should have a humane place to care for abandoned and or lost animals until a home can be found for them.

If all this is jumbled it may be, in part, because I am having computer problems as well. Sorry.

Zeno Jacquat wants to remind everybody of the Oktoberfest hosted by St. Bernardine’s and the Harlem German Choir. This will be the 6th annual such fest. This year’s dates are September 18 and 19 and it’s at the Grove, 7824 West Madison Street. This year will feature amusement rides, games for kids, and a 2010 Chevy will be raffled off courtesy of St. Bernardine’s and Currie Motors. Beer, wine, and live music. Come and enjoy!

Happy birthday to Jodi Gianakopoulis, Alexander Bafetti, Nick Spanvello, Maureen Harnett, Dee Galbraith, Debbie Doss Morris, Lucy Gianelli, Laura McDermott, Hunter VanZant, Dan Lala, Samantha Grams, Elsa Katlic, Kathy Thompson, and happy anniversary to Marge and Al Bucholtz.

Thanks for your time.