One recent evening I had the privilege of riding along with one of our young police officers as he patrolled our village in his routine line of duty.

That night I enjoyed a better than average night sleep having had my faith in law enforcement and our future safety reaffirmed. There is someone out there trying to right the wrongs and protect the innocent after all.

Chief Ryan assigned me to an unsuspecting young officer, Dan. I can only imagine the myriad of thoughts that raced through his head upon hearing some older lady was to ride along with him all evening – “why me” he surely mused! If, in fact, that was his reaction he never let it show. I was treated with respect and made to feel as though it was a mutually pleasant experience.

After completing the legalities and exchanging pleasantries, I was led out to the vehicle that would be home for the 8-hour shift. Although I am typically a law abiding citizen, the appearance of a police car still strikes a bit of fear and intimidation when it appears in my rear view mirror. To my surprise, it was actually a comforting, all encompassing, protective feeling, reminiscent of that experienced in childhood when being tucked in by my Mother or Father and feeling very safe.

As the evening unfolded watching Officer Dan and the other officers on patrol in many different situations, one thing became clear: they are a group of dedicated, strong, and fair individuals doing their best to serve our community. I was able to observe leniencies and compassion at times, power and assertiveness at times, a glimpse of a sense of humor and ‘guy next door’ quality at times. The obvious love of their job was ever present.

We have a great 38 member team. Let us support them and cheer for them and make sure they have everything they need to win. It is a tough battle field and there is no chance of victory without these brave souls. Next time I encounter an officer, I will make a point to do what I do when seeing a man in uniform: merely say……thank you….thank you ….. thank you …… thank you…..

– Sandra Brigg