Congratulations to all the Forest Park stalwarts who participated in the 2010 Chicago Half Marathon Sept. 12. Among the winners are Rebecca Leehey, Eileen Aylesworth, Emily Balthasar, Jules Decker, Duncan, Falconer, John Fiekis, Ed Garcia, Tina Gianopoulos, Amanda Gosnell, Frank Hansen, Benjamin Howard, Elizabeth Klein, Preetj Korvadi, Julianna Murphy, Subbu  Palaniappapn, Madeline Sikora, Michael Simelton, Sandra Smiley, Christopher Valleau, Katherine Valleau, and Erin Vandenberg!!

Our own Terry Dean wrote a fitting tribute to Forest Park’s own Delores McCain who died Sept. 11, 2010. This column went in too late to say goodbye to Delores, who was the heart and soul of the Journal and Review. For many years. She had a look in her eye that saw into your soul. Delores was a tireless worker for justice and the Civil Rights Movement. Her weekly interviews with the people of Austin are legendary. When she became ill two years ago, Senator Barack Obama wrote to Delores with words of encouragement.

Among his words to her were “it is an honor to …send you words of encouragement during this difficult time in your life. For many years you have worked to give those without much hope a voice and opportunity to express themselves. I hope …this will serve as a source of inspiration as you face this challenge.” Her friends numbered among the great and the humble. Delores was always Delores to each of them.

Congratulations to Kim Miller who is recovering very well from a recent heart attack. It was quite a shock to her friends and neighbors who know Kim as a healthy, energetic young woman.

Kim’s neighbor, Nancy Millar, is also recovering from several complications relating to asthma, arthritis, and a few other problems. Fortunately, both woman are getting stronger and smiling at relatives and friends everyday now.

Music scholarships were awarded to several young musicians by MacDowell Artists last spring. Now these young people will be starting college and/or continuing their music educations. A proud Forest Park young man, Alejandro Ibarra, a student at the Gassi School of Music is one such winner. Scholarship funds were given by the estate of the late Ruth Wilkins Tyre.

Belated congratulations to Andy Collis who now has a street named in his honor. Andy received many accolades from friends and family. One friend was there in spirit, Ed O’Shea, who will always be with us in spirit.

Gigi Alfano has a birthday this week, also VanEta Harris, Samantha Grams, Elsa Katlic, Kathy Thompson, Caryn Lichtenberg, Lou Thompson, Mary Ann Munoz, Laura Zimmer, Christina Wiesneth, Lorian Menhennett, Sydney Mangiaracina, Roy Sansone, Michael Clifton, Kimberly O’Shea, and happy anniversary to Lori and Jim O’Shea, Art and Diane McGrath, and Connie and Ted Considine.