40 years ago

Editor Larry Kaercher reported that a man from Virginia got tired of “pest letters” that are always addressed, “Occupant.” They also nearly always ask for greenbacks in one denomination or another. Our man from down south decided to discourage this practice by writing a check to the sender in the amount of $10,000, then signing it “Occupant.”

Give the man a well-earned, “Attaboy!”

From the Aug. 12, 1970 Forest Park Review

30 years ago

Death came suddenly and unexpectantly to Forest Park police officer Nicholas E. Maffei on a Saturday evening. His alleged killer was his 28 year-old wife, Linda. Police investigators said that Maffei had just gotten into a car with two friends when his wife drove up and asked to speak with him. A mild quarrel followed. According to witnesses, Mrs. Maffei produced a .38 caliber derringer and fired a single bullet that struck the off-duty officer in the neck. Following the shooting, police say she drove away only to return moments later when she was promptly arrested.

Hundreds paid their respects to the 31 year-old policeman who had earned several commendations since joining the force ten years earlier. He had previously completed a ten year tour of duty with the Marine Corps.

From the Aug. 6, 1980 Forest Park Review.

20 years ago

You’ve perhaps noticed the name on the announcer’s booth directly behind the softball backstop at The Park. Dominic Carfagno. Who the devil was he? Put it this way; fifty is a lot of years to stay dedicated. That’s why Dominic Carfagno was a great lover. He loved the game of softball – especially as played here – without gloves. Over that half-century he sponsored, managed and coached many teams.

He was honored in a special ceremony preceding the opening game of the 1990 Invitational Tournament. “Softball is my life and keeps me going,” he said. He spoke of his proudest moment – bringing the championship back to Forest Park after a two-year hiatus. He financed the entry fees for some teams over the years and purchased uniforms for many players. “It’s good to play hustling ball,” he said, “but “it’s better to look good doing it.”

Dominic passed away in the early 1990s.

From the Aug. 8, 1990 Forest Park Review

10 years ago

What’s the good words? A continuation of nifty phrases and not-too-shabby thoughts left over from last week’s column:

  • An early morning walk puts a blessing on the day. – Thoreau
  • If ignorance is bliss why aren’t more people happy? – Anon.
  • Why don’t you slip out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini. – Robert Benchley
  • How much can you pay a tulip to bloom? – Bill Veeck, (On the jackassification of today’s baseball salaries.)
  • Here’s a good rule of thumb. Too clever is dumb. – Ogden Nash
  • Intensely, that’s how. – General life rule
  • In all of life, the odds are 6 to 5… against. – General Life Rule # 1, Damon Runyon
  • Tell us your phobias, and we will tell you what you are afraid of. – Benchley again

From a love of words in the Forest Park Review