RE: “Forest Park residents express mixed feelings over Franklin St. ‘bump-outs'” [9.21.10]

Village transforming into ‘bump-out land’

Our fair Village is now “bump-out-land.” Really, was this the most aesthetic option…and to what problem? I wonder how long it will take the snow plows to damage/destroy this newest design to sweep our town. Maybe if pedestrians would watch where they’re going (as well as drivers) and not be distracted, the powers that be wouldn’t have decided on such a drastic solution. It’s kind of like swinging a sledge hammer at a fly!

Dianne Howard

RE: “Resident claims road construction project may not be safe” [9.21.10]

Yes, village meetings on bump-outs were held

Mr. Kramer in response to your question, “Was this brought up at any council meeting?” the answer is yes. In fact, Michael Stirk of Burke engineering who designed the project had a special meeting at Village Hall on April 12th with detailed maps, pictures and plans for the construction coming to your neighborhood. A timeline for the project was also discussed as an effort not to surprise the citizens.

Matt Walsh

Bump-outs = bad

The bump outs are a bad idea! They don’t work on Harvard either! The cars now stop on the other side of the crosswalks as the stop sign and stop lines are so far back. Therefore, it is more scary to be a pedestrian.

And does the corner by The Beacon and Farmington Foods really need FIVE bike racks? The corner by Circle/Harrison and Circle/Lehmer each only have one and they have the el right there.

The whole thing makes no sense whatsoever.

Forest Park Taxpayer