This past weekend we hosted the 4th Annual Kathy Garrigan Memorial Softball Tournament on the softball fields in Forest Park. The KG Classic is an annual softball tournament that celebrates the life of Kathy Garrigan, who lost her life in a boating accident in 2007. Proceeds from the event go to the local charity Opportunity Knocks.

We have been very fortunate to experience an abundance of success with this event. The measure of that success takes many forms. We have set out to remember a special life. We have also set out to help sustain an organization that has a special impact on young lives. Our goal has always been to achieve these two goals by calling out to our community to help in both respects. Year after year, that call is answered.

Our efforts would be wasted if it were not for an amazingly generous and supportive community surrounding us. It is the people that make this event what it is.

Thank you!

In addition to the event goers, there are others to thank for all of our great fortune. In particular, we would like to say thank you to Mayor Calderone and his staff at village hall for helping us plan and prepare. This event would be very difficult to host without your cooperation and support of our efforts.

Thank You!!

Last, but certainly not least, are our friends at the Park District. We cannot say enough about how amazing a group of people you all are. Larry Piekarz and the entire park district crew is an invaluable asset to this community. The park is a gem. It is beautifully kept and hosting an event with their partnership is truly a pleasure. This event would struggle to sustain if it were not for all of the help we get from the park district. You are very talented at your craft and we appreciate what you do.

Thank You!!!

Michael Carmody, Rosemary Hepner, Phil Carmody
KGC Committee Co-Chairs