Updated 10/19/10

Forest Park police are still investigating the shooting of two 17-year-olds who were walking down Roosevelt Rd. on Oct. 14.

At approximately 9:09 p.m. near 8401 Roosevelt Rd., a male driver fired shots from the sunroof of a red Chevy Camaro that had a black racing stripe. Police believe the shots were intended to hit another car, but one bullet struck a female pedestrian in the leg and another bullet just grazed a male pedestrian before they took cover behind two parked cars. The two minors, both Maywood residents, have been treated and released from Loyola Medical Center in Maywood.

Police have not yet determined a motive, according to Deputy Chief Tom Aftanas.

“We’re getting conflicting stories,” Aftanas said, regarding witness accounts.

Several witnesses recalled the car and the fact that the driver was the shooter, but no one could provide a description.

“The shots were initially fired a good deal east of where they [victims] were,” said Det. Sgt. Mike Keating.

Keating said several of the department’s detectives were looking into the case. He also said they were waiting on surveillance footage from cameras stationed at several local businesses and from a traffic light at Desplaines and Roosevelt.

“This guy is a piece of work,” Keating said. “I mean, what was he thinking? To just start shooting out of the window of the car?”

-Nick Moroni and Katie Drews