Nothing makes less sense in Forest Park traffic than to catch the red light on southbound Desplaines at the CTA parking lot entrance and wait while NO CARS come out of the lot.

Southbound traffic on Marengo cannot see westbound Madison traffic due to legally parked cars crowding the corner.

Mid-block pedestrian crossings on Madison Street have been squeezed in between parked cars and planters, providing little visibility for pedestrians until they are in the direct path of traffic.

Westbound traffic on Oak Park’s South Boulevard can cross Harlem to drive into Forest Park on Circle Avenue. But eastbound Circle cannot proceed through the Harlem intersection to drive into Oak Park.

A painted left-turn bay for westbound Randolph at Circle and Desplaines might help traffic flow.

I have never been in an accident in Forest Park. I have never witnessed an accident in Forest Park. But I think the intersection where Brown, Desplaines and Franklin meet is the most likely spot for an accident.

I think it was safer before the build-outs. However, I don’t think anyone sitting on the two benches at that intersection will be hurt if there is an accident. Who would want to sit there? Such a waste of taxpayers’ money.