Need some help tackling that “do-it-yourself” home improvement project?

Starting this Saturday, professional handymen will be on site at Schauer’s Hardware to answer questions and offer advice on construction or maintenance issues that are troubling homeowners. The service, which will run from Oct. 23 to Nov. 20, is free of charge.

“We’ve just had a lot of people come in and ask about a lot of odd jobs,” said Richard Schauer, store manager. “For a lot of the stuff, our customers can actually fix it on their own. So we’ll have someone here that they can ask questions to, a professional, and they won’t charge them an arm and a leg to get an answer.”

The volunteer experts, including a plumber, electrician and other contractors, are “the most trustworthy guys that we have that we recommend,” Schauer said.

Whether there are questions about a leaking toilet or nonfunctioning outlets, people can stop by Schauer’s from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the next five Saturdays. Schauer’s, located at 7449 W. Madison St., has been a family-owned business in Forest Park for 15 years. Before that it was known as Peaslee’s Hardware for many decades.

-Katie Drews