Deep sympathy to the family of John Gardner, who died a few weeks ago at the young age of 49. A memorial service for him was held at United Lutheran in Oak Park last Saturday. John is sorely missed by all his family, especially his beloved cat, Sandy.

Marilyn Trainor was radiant at the wedding of her grandson, Dylan Trainor to Kristin Zotti at Ascension Church last Friday, October 29. Everyone wishes the newlyweds a long happy life together.

A little leftover Halloween fare: Did you solve the mystery of the bandaged skeleton at Schauer’s Hardware? Of course you did, the skeleton was wearing a sympathy Band-aid for Corrinna Jantz, who broke several metatarsal bones in her left foot. Corinna had been hanging curtains and leaned over too far. Her advice to us is “if you feel like you shouldn’t lean any farther – DON’T!”

Saturday, Nov. 6 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., the annual Christmas Bazaar at the River Forest Episcopal Church on Lake Street will take place. Their episcopickles are world famous and go very quickly. Homemade cookies are another specialty along with Christmas decorations, most of them handmade, and so much more. See you there? If you miss the cookies at the Episcopal church, try your luck at St. Michael’s Church at 500 31st Street in LaGrange Park. Their specialties are crispy oatmeal lace, krumkake waffle cookies, almond cookies and classic spritz. Order from Dan Bjornson, 708.488.1800 (days). Get over to the church December 11th from 3 to 5 p.m. Make your check payable to Elvesund Lodge. Those cookies are as good as homemade and a lot less trouble.

The Harlem Manner-und Damenchor will unite with the United Swiss Societies of Chicago in their annual Novemberfest on Saturday, Nov. 6 at the River Grove Lodge, River Road & Fullerton in River Grove, Illinois. It all begins at 6 p.m with a cash bar. Dinner, sandwiches and home made cakes and cookies are on the agenda. Admission at the door is $10. Call 630-545-1041 for more information.

If you missed Centuries & Sleuths Meeting of Minds with Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, and Marcus Garvey last week there will be a rerun during Black History Month next February.

For those old timers who remember Sharon Genens, sad news for her family. Sharon’s husband, Roy Vestal died following surgery a few weeks ago. Roy had a million dollar disposition. In their nearly 50 years of marriage, I never saw the man show any signs of anger. They have four grown children, Dan, Deb, Kathy and Ken and eight grandchildren. Granddaughter Deb Gurascio of Montgomery tried to notify the paper through me, but my telephone problem prevented her from getting through.

You can say happy birthday to Meredith Dorneker, Sharon O’Shea, A.J.Turek, Ryan Miller, Jim Brown, (Esther Huebner’s grandson),Carl Hajec, Laura Steinhaver, Heather Dorneker, Michael Bruzek, Michael Zazhary Rudolph, Ed Spinelli, Harriet Smith, Jean Zalenski, Brian Cote, Marikate Marino, Renee VanZant, Richard Cotton, Jackson Domer, Emily Johnson, and Amy Brod. Happy anniversary to Candy and Chris Wood.

Thanks for your time.