Now that our election is over let’s see how the newly elected officials will clean up our government. We can start from the local government and slowly go up to the state and federal government. The senators and congressmen vote themselves huge raises and forget about the senior citizens and middle and lower class people who put them in office. The senior citizens live on a limited income and have not received a cost of living wage in two years. The president on down to the senators and congressmen are way over paid. They outsource jobs to other countries and thus cause job loss but have not done anything to replace them. Forget about your pet projects and start creating permanent jobs. That is what the stimulus money was supposed to do. You forget about all your promises once you get elected. The president was out campaigning instead of doing his job. All he did was put his friends in office and forgot about all the campaign promises he made. We can start by bringing the jobs back from China and have “MADE IN THE USA” back on the labels.

Also, what about all these people driving while talking and texting while driving? They do not realize they are putting others in harm’s way. Let’s start giving them the tickets they deserve.

Also, people are speeding in the alleys and on the streets, and throwing garbage out of the cars onto the lawns. Where are the police to catch them?

Carol Rissman
Forest Park