The head chef and owner of Flavour Cooking School in Forest Park will be showing off her cooking skills Thanksgiving morning on a WGN-TV live broadcast during Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Denise Norton, 43, plants to demonstrate a few cooking tips that are sure to help every home chef with their Thanksgiving meal. Though it’s not certain yet, she will most likely show audiences how to season a turkey under its skin, as well as how to make brussels sprouts taste better, among other things.

“We’re going to be cooking right on the street so you can see all the festivities going on behind us,” Norton said.

Norton performed cooking demonstrations at the parade last year, too.

“It was incredibly nerve-racking leading up to it,” she said. “But I had an absolute blast.”

Last year she competed against WGN reporter Ana Belaval in “The Great Cranberry Race.” Norton put together all of her ingredients in the recipe for homemade cranberry relish before Belaval was able to scrape out a store-bought version from the can.

For Norton’s special cranberry recipe, please see the next issue of the Review.

-Katie Drews