Chicago magazine named Forest Park as one of the top 40 reasons to love Chicago in its December 2010 edition.

In honor of the magazine’s 40th birthday, Chicago highlighted the top 40 people, places and ideas “that keep us optimistic about where we are headed.”

Forest Park came in at No. 36 “because we can move to the suburbs and not feel like we’re selling out entirely,” the magazine said.

Chicago writer and Forest Park resident Billy Lombardo wrote a little tribute to the village, lauding its neighborhood feel and diversity. He mentions Wiffle ball in the alleys, mostaccioli at Jimmy’s Place and sunny-side-up eggs at Louie’s Grill, among other local virtues. 

“Forest Park is a place where you can raise a kid and still give him a good shot at growing up with an urban sensibility – still give her a shot at big-city smarts,” Lombardo wrote. “We have trees here and green, softball and children in strollers, bookstores and wine shops, gelato and artists and schools. A Sox fan for a mayor. We still have hope here, too. And a good cup of coffee.”

Other reasons to love Chicago, according to the magazine:

  • “because we’ve got the only human qualified to imagine the ultimate Chicago movie: Roger Ebert.” (No. 1)
  • “because we’ve watched a sports star grow up in front of our very eyes:” Derrick Rose. (No. 3)
  • “because Chicago continues to stoke SNL’s flame.” (No. 14)
  • “because in the country’s third-largest city, we maintain beehives and chicken coops.” (No. 26)
  • “because everybody knows somebody who knows the president.” (No. 40)