There certainly has been a number of letters re: the Roos Bldg. and our Park District.

I trust “you’ all” remember that a tax increase was approved and is shown on your latest tax bill recap and the monies collected was to be used for the purchase of the Roos Bldg., tear down, etc. etc.

Since there is so much confusion re: all the details, bank problems, and the Park does not have any specific plans, I sincerely hope and trust that the Park Board would place the additional monies in a separate fund and hold in abeyance until such time the purchase and detail are finalized.

Since the extra money is now part of their budget it could be that taxpayers have been taxed for something that could not be approved and we now have an additional tax we have to pay.

It would be great if the Park would reply to this.

Alfred Bucholtz
Forest Park