Thornton Gas & Food Mart in Forest Park is one lucky gas station.

Thornton’s sold the winning jackpot ticket – worth $18.75 million – that was drawn on Dec. 11 in the Powerball lottery game. This is the first time a winning Powerball ticket was sold in Illinois since the game began in 1988.

The gas station, located at 601 S. Harlem Ave., will get a slice of the pie. For selling the winning ticket, Thornton’s will receive $187,500, which is 1 percent of the prize.

As for what the gas station plans to do with the bonus dollars, that’s still up in the air. A manager at the store directed the Review to Thornton’s corporate office, which did not immediately return phone calls.

So far, the winning ticket holder has not come forward. This person will split the total jackpot of $37.5 million with a winner from Kentucky.

The lucky numbers from the $1 ticket sold at Thornton’s were 1, 8, 10, 19 and 20 with a Powerball number of 23 and a Power Play of 2.¬†

– Katie Drews