Last week the Review profiled a slew of new faces who plan to enter the election campaign and compete for a seat on village council in April 2011: Steve Johnsen, Jon Kubricht, Chris Harris and Eric Connor. We add another hopeful to the list this week with the ambitious young man, Matt Walsh, joining the race. Three of the four current commissioners are also running for re-election: Rory Hoskins, Michael Curry and Mark Hosty. And then of course we also have Commissioner Marty Tellalian and Mayor Anthony Calderone dueling it out for mayor.

Notice anything about this list of candidates?

They are all men.

Where the heck are the women candidates for the village council?

Forest Park is certainly not short of smart, talented women. Just look at our business community. Though data shows that the number of women-owned businesses in Chicago, and across the country, is lagging behind men, Forest Park seems to boast the exception with a strong showing of women-run firms all along Madison Street. What’s more, we have a woman leading our Chamber of Commerce.

Our business scene represents a culturally diverse blend of men and women, young and old. And our political scene ….well, not so much.

About 90 years have passed since women gained the right to vote. It’s surprising – and disappointing – that we don’t have any women running for office in the upcoming election for village council. Technically, nominating petitions are not due until Dec. 20 and only 28 signatures are required to get on the ballot. Perhaps there’s a chance a dark horse will slip in.

Remembering Joshua Harris

This Saturday St. John’s Church in Forest Park will host a grand ceremony to dedicate a new wheelchair ramp in honor of the late Sgt. Joshua Harris, a soldier who died in action in Afghanistan in 2008. Harris grew up in Forest Park, and he was so young when he died at the age of 21. His friends and family described him as “just a normal kid” with a good heart – someone who was always smiling and trying to make others smile. While living out his dream as a soldier, he boosted the spirits of the other men with his charming sense of humor and spot-on impressions.

Joshua’s father, Bill, said he is still trying to grasp the idea that no new memories can be created with his son. But sharing stories and talking about him helps. The memorial at St. John’s is a thoughtful way to keep the memory of Sgt. Harris alive. We are sorry for the loss of such a fine young man, and we look forward to celebrating his life on Saturday.