Forest Park is producing some strong readers these days. Earlier this year Garfield Elementary was given the top award in Illinois by the Dyslexia Association for its successful reading program, and this week the Review reports on a new reading program at St. Bernardine Catholic School that successfully launches preschoolers into the wonderful world of books.

The importance of reading cannot be understated. Teachers will tell you, “First you learn to read, and then you read to learn.” It’s encouraging to see schools and teachers focusing so much energy on building the foundation and teaching phonic-based reading from individual letter sounds on up to words. It’s even more encouraging to see kids excited about it.

At St. Bernardine, the children love the Superkids adventure series and relate to the characters written about in the books. The engaging stories make learning to read fun for kids, and their progress has been remarkable. The program provides a model that should also be applied to other subjects, such as math, science and social studies.

We are pleased to see children eager about learning and teachers excited about teaching. The energy is contagious. We hope it stays high and extends out to the rest of the community. Adults, too, should find some time this holiday season to dive into a good, hearty, imaginative book.

Happy holidays from the Review

Speaking of the holiday season, we realize the stress that comes with this busy, busy time of year can frustrate many Forest Parkers. For some it might be trying to find that perfect gift. For others it’s finding funds for any gift at all. Some may have tackled ambitious home projects just before holiday parties, while others might be worried about finding someplace to sleep Christmas night.

But even with the anxiety of the year’s final days, this is also a special time to treasure the simple, precious moments of the season – the snow that glistens on the bare tree branches or the lights that sparkle from festive home decorations. No matter what situation you find yourself in this time of year, we hope that you can enjoy a few days of peace. Happy Holidays!