40 years ago

Happy 40th anniversary to the VA Hospital at Hines in Maywood. Then serving the state’s million-and-a half veterans from all wars, and later millions more, the $32 million facility was dedicated Oct. 11, l970. The 15-story structure contained 1,200 beds with a staff offering services in virtually every field of medicine.

Editor Larry Kaercher told of a man who carried a big bag filled with troubles and grudges. When sorted out he saw that the grudges greatly outnumbered the troubles, and while everyone had his fair share of troubles those who prized their grudges held onto them more tightly. So if a grudge is a stuck thought, troubles can continue to visit and leave like house guests. In other words, problems are a sometime thing while blaming others is an option.

From the Oct. 30, 1970 Forest Park Review

30 years ago

Don’t fight the brutal winter. Stay at home. Settle in for that good movie and that great pizza. Talk about all warm and toasty the next day.

Best in Show – Dog owners from around the country, like Eugene Levy and Parker Posey, go through their shenanigans at the nation’s top dog show to make their dog the winner.

Meet the Parents – New comic discovery Robert DiNero plays an ex-CIA operative and father of the bride while Ben Stiller, the prospective groom, has a disastrous first meeting with his girlfriend’s family.

The Contender – Joan Allen stars in a political thriller as a female U.S. Senator nominated for vice president. A past sex scandal is revealed during her nomination hearings.

Flashback to October, warm, mellow October. Every autumn, when we emptied our Park swimming pool of people, we filled it with fish. Our 750-gallon pool was replenished with some 300 or so trout that were quickly surrounded by about 300 or so fishermen, women and children over a four-day weekend. That’s about a pound apiece of these beautiful finny fellows whose “sole” purpose it is to supply that singular, indefinable “tug and pull” that signals “bite!” Only a game fish puts that on a line. No feeling like it!

The thrill is fleeting and so was the local four-day fishing season. So rules and restrictions met, it was just of matter of a $2.50 daily license, no fly-casting, reels or nets – poles and bait supplied – and best of all, no limit!

From the Oct 8, 1980 Forest Park Review

20 years ago

Another one killed in town on a motorcycle. Lawrence “Ron” Miller, 29. Everyone is special, only some are more special than others. Rob broke the mold. He both played the game while he defied the games. Born and raised in Forest Park, he had recently moved to Cicero in compliance with a residency rule for firemen there. Miller was described as Activity Personified – the kind of person who never burned daylight but made every minute count.

His many friends attested to his popularity when more than 300 attended his funeral. Many recalled him by his “Ronbo” nickname; others remembered him as “Forest Park’s James Dean.”

He died October 11, 1990, the result of head injuries. Proof that he was a tough fighter even in extremis showed when he fought on five days after the initial prognosis that he’d never make it to the hospital.

From the October 17, 1990 Forest Park Review

10 years ago

Exactly what is Main Street?

The full, formal name is Main Street Redevelopment Association. It’s a collaboration of volunteer business and property owners, concerned citizens and local government working together to promote economic strength through community pride. In cooperation with the village of Forest Park and its Chamber of Commerce, its purpose is to develop a preservation-based strategy for Madison Street. This village receives technical assistance from Illinois Main Street in the areas of Organization, promotion, design and restructuring.

So next time you size up the “new old” look of Madison (Main) Street, know that a lot of love and planning has gone into our “smart new” downtown. It just had its 17th birthday.

From the October 11, 2000 Forest Park Review

Bob was born in Yonkers, N.Y., in 1932. His family encouraged him to join the Air Force (ours) during the Korean War. There, he fell into the clutches of Barbara Miles. They still have two world-class daughters, Jill and Cara. “Each of the four of us likes the other three of us,” says Bob.