40 years ago

A new, syndicated column, “Dear Sally,” suddenly appeared in our paper competing with the Sun-Times’ Ann Landers.

“Dear Sally: My girlfriend says I’m hesitant to marry her. [This written in days when men married women exclusively.] Why? Because my dad walked out on my mother when I was 15. My older brother did the same thing with his wife. I say it could be my genes.”

“Dear Hesitant: I agree with your girlfriend that you’re using this excuse to escape marriage. Why don’t you seek professional help for the real reason.”

From the Oct. 14, 1970 Forest Park Review

30 years ago

Embarrassing. That’s what the banner really read at Gionnotti’s Restaurant, 7711 Roosevelt Rd. Tony Bale, running for state representative, 5th District, was planning on the endorsement of Governor Jim Thompson. However, the printmaker must’ve missed a day at elementary school years before because two of three key words were misspelled. The mistakes were caught and corrected just hours before Big Jim’s arrival.Meanwhile, rival state representative Ted Leverenz dealt well with another kind of political embarrassment – low turnout. The site was our lovely Park, and maybe the lesson learned is that this isn’t an ideal venue for a big crowd on a weekday afternoon

Whether the general public knew it or not, the talk was in support of firefighters’ collective bargaining. Several rallies were held in connection with Public Employees’ Rights Day. The recurring theme in Leverenz’s talk was that public employees did not enjoy the bargaining rights of those in the private sector and are subject do tighter controls of their personal lives.

From the Oct. 22, 1980 Forest Park Review

20 years ago

Be on the alert for a tall, thin man and his stocky driver companion who abducted a five year-old girl in front of 915 Harlem Ave. at 5 p.m. The tall one quickly darted from their idling car and grabbed the unsuspecting youngster who struggled and screamed as he drew her into the rear seat. They girl was seen and heard screaming as the car sped away on Harlem turning west on Roosevelt losing itself in the traffic.

Strike the above. It never happened. But it could happen – and almost does, more than we care to think. Like this case in point.

This (real) five year-old girl became separated from her mother at the wrong time and place. The man clapped his hand over her mouth, commanding her to shut up, “You’re coming with me.” Somehow, she slipped his grasp and ran into the filling station at this address and tearfully embraced her mother who had just then realized her daughter was missing. The would-be abductor managed to pull away, but not before the station attendant furnished a description to police. Meanwhile, the car, carrying only himself, turned right off Harlem onto Roosevelt and got lost in a rush hour of tail lights.

From the Oct 24, 1990 Forest Park Review

10 years ago

Halloween was a little more than spooky for Idador Garner, who was driving past Concordia Cemetery near the DesPlaines River on Madison St. when shots rang out. A dark colored van flashed its lights behind him, pulled up alongside and forced Garner to a stop.

The victim told police three men exited the van and immediately began shooting. Investigating officers later estimated 15 rounds of ammunition had been fired at Garner’s car, one striking him in his upper chest near the shoulder. Once the follow-up shots were fired, the driver put his car in reverse and the offenders fled in their van. Garner got as far as a service station when he saw a friend, who drove him to Loyola’s Emergency Room. Police suspected a gang shooting.

From the November 8, 2008 Forest Park Review

Bob was born in Yonkers, N.Y., in 1932. His family encouraged him to join the Air Force (ours) during the Korean War. There, he fell into the clutches of Barbara Miles. They still have two world-class daughters, Jill and Cara. “Each of the four of us likes the other three of us,” says Bob.