Forest Parkers really know how to celebrate the Christmas/New Year holiday. The Community Center outdid itself again with a Hawaiian theme and tasteful entertainment. For a measly $38, celebrants got a dinner of shrimp, beef tenderloin, double-baked potato, salad and X-rated Napoleon dessert, compliments of Rose Zapletal. Rose is the chef who prepares those famous VFW dinners every Friday night at 26th and Desplaines.

Decorations were the handiwork of Brenda Riske Powers and her committee of young creative artists, Nikki Petrey, Ciara Malone, Diana Djlewski, Jessica Dylewski, Tasha Ali, Lisa Richards, Amanda Bartucci, Lorenzo Williams, Steve Scott, Sarah Kaine, Anna Labadessa, Nicole Rojas, and Steve Knysch. Everyone’s favorite bus driver, Karol, along with Mayor Calderone, Rich Barger and Bridget Woods Dowdle all lent a hand in making the day memorable.

Marie Tierney no longer lives on the 600 block of Beloit. She misses her neighbors, but not as much as she will next summer. That is a party block; no loud, raucous partying, just friendly conversational partying.

Father Frank Grady, a Green Bay Packers fan, started a tradition that will be observed for years to come. A big dinner in the parish hall of St. Bernardine’s the day of the Bears-Packers game. There was food everywhere, talking and laughter everywhere, prizes galore, much groaning as the game wore on. This event is hosted by Jerry Lordan with help from many people. The money goes toward school sports, intramurals, physical education and scouts. The original chairman of the event was the late judge Jim O’Malley. Some local alumni include, Rachell Rehor Entler, Jose Flores, John Donohue, Dan O’Connor, Patsy Dunaway, David McCoy, Anna DeSonna, George Martin, Robert Morse, Dermott Casey and Bob Crawford. The yearly lucky pool winner, twice last year and once this year, is Jose (Pepe) Flores. The great Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Lattner is always there. Here he is with his daughter Maggie Skiver (see photo).

Speedy get well wishes to our much loved and respected friend and colleague, Bob Sullivan. Bob is recovering at Hines Hospital

New babies who arrived over the holiday are Alyssa Owens, Dec. 19, and Aristi Gianakopoulos. Baby Ari arrived Dec. 17.

Other birthdays are Joan Huynh, Lynn Karavitas, April Kutak, Emily Garrity, Fred Marunde, Karen Skinner, David Thornton, Danielle Riske, Phil Bonert, Brianna Dodge, Tyler Daniel, Kirsten Bjornson, Mary Gallela, Victoria Burdett, and Linda Bursey.

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