The Park District of Forest Park issued a press release Monday stating that it is “optimistic” that it will acquire the Roos building, 7329 Harrison, from Harris Bank.

Two roadblocks stand in the park district’s path to ownership: 1) Harris does not have title to the building, and, thus cannot transfer ownership to the park district; 2) there are “serious environmental issues” which could result in a hefty cleaning bill.

In short, the park district will not pay for the clean up until it has a price and the title.

Harris seized control of the building in 2009 after it changed hands a number of times, and the bank that had foreclosed on the last owner failed.

$145K for healthy living

The village received a $145,000 grant from the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago last week.

The money will be used to promote exercise, healthy eating, and community

Village Administrator Tim Gillian said some of the money might be used build bike-friendly roads, and that schools will start “walk-to-school” programs.

Other initiatives include the purchasing of cold storage vending machines to house fresh fruits and vegetables and programs to teach students to garden, to name a few.

“Our overall goal was to highlight healthy eating and healthy living and make Forest Park a place where that was easy to do,” Gillian said.