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Mayor Anthony Calderone released a press release today stating that officials are working around the clock to provide the necessary services “to get this village moving again.”

The public works department is clearing streets and sidewalks “24/7,” giving first priority to the roads.

Snow routes are in effect, and citizens are being asked to keep their cars off of these streets to accommodate plowing. This usually means parking opposite the streetlights.

The village canceled trash pickup for Thursday; it will resume on Friday.

Meanwhile, both District 91 and District 209 schools will stay shut for the second day in a row.

Forest Park and the Chicagoland region were pounded with nearly 20 inches of snow as the blizzard began raging yesterday afternoon and continued well into the afternoon today.

“This is an extreme weather situation which requires the community’s patience, cooperation and assistance,” Calderone stated in the press release.

 Photos by J. GEIL/Staff photographer

Reader submitted photos