It’s now Sunday, Feb. 6, as I write this. On Feb. 2, the village placed calls and posted on their website announcements that they will work 24/7 to clear the snow. They admirably got the streets and alleys passable soon after the snow stopped; but then what happened? They only cleared one side of the streets, not the other side where everyone parks when there is snow. For a village with permit parking, it is simple enough to have everyone park on the other side and then clear the streets, but this has not happened. The alleys are in sore need of a second plowing and it is becoming almost impossible to get in to my alley on Elgin. And then there are the sidewalks. Where I live, on the south side of the expressway, only a very few sidewalks (maybe four) have been plowed and it seems completely random. Many people walk to the store or to the trains and are forced to walk in the streets. The sidewalks should have been done days ago.

We need action not promises. There is no way the crews have been working 24/7 clearing the snow; and now that we’ve had another couple of inches of snow it’s just getting worse.  I’ve lived in Forest Park some 18 years and it used to be the best town around for clearing snow. We’ve had large storms before but they always finished the job. I understand it takes time to clear away all this snow, but it won’t happen unless the trucks are plowing. Anyone think the crews have been working 24/7?

Richard Wright