I am not sure why Ribfest is an issue for these candidates to be focusing on.  It does not matter how much a band cost if those costs were covered by money that was taken in.  Generally, you have to spend money to make money, and this was an extremely well-attended event. 

I am dismayed that the mudslinging for this election has started, and that it is over such a non-issue.  There are very serious issues I feel the candidates should be addressing.  One such issue that would affect all the local citizens would be increased property values.  My property is currently appraising well below what I paid for it, and for less than what I still owe on it.  I realize that house values have decreased across the nation but some surrounding suburbs do seem to be faring better. 

I am happy with the work to beautify our streets, but the Circle bridge is an eyesore, and it is what every motorist who drives from the Eisenhower sees. That, coupled with the troubled Roos project makes our town look like a slum. 

In addition, building repairs and overgrown front yards should be monitored and dealt with by the building and grounds departments.  Exterior evaluations of decrepit properties should not wait for a sale to occur, especially when you consider how slowly they are selling. 

Finally, there are far too many homes in this village that were obviously originally built as single-family residencies; and many have been converted to two- and three-flats. These homes should be considered non-conforming and then reconverted as they are being sold. 

I think Forest Park is a great place to live for many reasons – including our spectacular community events – and I wish the appearance of the town reflected that.  If this town is going to be a desirable place to live we need to make it look like one.  My vote will be for those who talk about the issues that really matter.

Debby Pietrowski,
Forest Park