In this week’s [Feb. 9] opinion you claim that there is one “hole” in a statement that I made in my online response. The pertinent part of my statement is “we did spend $14,000.00 for four bands including the production company that books, and manages the bands, sound company and stage equipment company.”

I can see where this was taken out of context. My wording was could have been better, however, before I wrote my reply and spoke to you, I had looked up and reviewed the said agreement to refresh my memory.

What I should have wrote is, we did spend $14,000.00 for 4 bands including costs associated with the contracted entertainment company as they are responsible for securing, booking and managing all the aspects related to the bands. Additionally, the same entertainment company is responsible for managing or monitoring the sound personnel and stage personnel.

I’m not trying to split hairs, here. I suppose I should have been clearer in my original reply because I had already known that we paid separately for the stage and sound.

Mayor Anthony Calderone