While surfing Facebook last week, the Forest Park Review stumbled upon a post left by Mayor Anthony Calderone. The post has raised more questions than it has provided answers: interesting because clarification seems to have been the mayor’s intent.

The Feb. 16 post reads: “A local resident posted a picture of me in my pajamas while I was vacationing in Mexico with my family. I was drying out a bunch of 1 dollar bills that I forgot to take out of my swim trunks before I went swimming, so I laid out the dollar bills over the edge of the bath tub while I was in my sleep ware. I wonder what ulterior motive he has for such a posting. By the way did I tell you he is a deadbeat [sic]?”

The Review is uncertain which resident Calderone referred to as a “deadbeat” with an “ulterior” motive. What’s more, a search for the abovementioned photograph yielded no results.

Calderone could not be reached for comment.