Recently there was an article in the Forest Park Review about the 2010 Rib Fest, which was produced and sponsored by the Village of Forest Park. The article was less than complete and left the reader somewhat confused and questioning more.

I have always been an avid supporter of marketing our great village and part of that marketing strategy is the production of venues that not only provide enjoyment to residents, but also to attract those from outside of town. As a result, over the years, Forest Park has grown to become somewhat of destination location; and those who visit do so because of everything our little town has to offer. Rib Fest is one of those events that has gained popularity and is well attended.

On Sep. 11, 2010, Forest Park produced its fifth annual Rib Fest and it was the best one to date. The controversy brought on by this article relates to the question of whether or not taxpayer dollars were used to produce the event. The answer is, “No.” In closing out the income and expense report after the event, and having accounted for every penny spent including staff overtime costs associated with our public works and the direct non-overtime expense for police protection, the village garnered over $10,000. That said, I am proud to report this event added money to the general coffers of the village and did not cost our taxpayers one cent.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 708 615 6200

Mayor Anthony Calderone