Sympathy for the Spence Family – John, Marie, Ann and Grace – on the death of their beloved, happy, little dog, Trigger. Trigger didn’t know he had a fatal condition, so he went cheerfully along until the end.

Spoil your dog, give him what he wants, pet him whenever you can. He will be with you for such a short time. You’ll learn to live without him after he’s gone. But the break in your heart will never heal completely.

Welcome back to the US, Ruth and Tim Stefl. Tim’s lifelong desire was to visit Egypt, so as a 25th wedding-anniversary present to each other, they went to the land of the pharaohs. Ruth’s heart wasn’t exactly in this venture – in fact she was scared to death. But, she’s a great sport and went along with a wary smile on her face. After their stay in Luxor, Alexandria, Aswan and finally in Cairo, she completely changed her mind. The people were friendly, warm and welcoming. They hated to leave and did so with a desire to return. The Stefls left on Sun., Jan. 23. On Jan. 26, the revolutionary protests began. They missed it by hours.

Ruth sent a great photo of herself astride a colorfully dressed camel on the way to the Great Sphinx and the Pyramid at Giza – which I lost. Here are Tim and Ruth on the vacation of a lifetime with a pyramid swallowing them up in the background.

Sorry to have missed the candidates forum. It’s been a bad week, physically, mentally and spiritually. But I heard things went along rather well. One candidate kept saying, “I think what he thinks.” That’s one to remember. I heard Matt Walsh did so well many in the audience forgot how young he was. One candidate was described as “slick,” and full of buzz words; one became aggressive, and so on. Rory Hoskins admitted he missed one council meeting because he was out of town on business. Mark Hosty wasn’t there. On we go to the mayoral forums.

Apologies to Ray Scicota, who is the good-Samaritan-Warren-Street-snow-shoveler. Two callers corrected me on that one. Also, someone pointed out to me that the reason I couldn’t find Freddy’s in Berwyn is because it’s in Cicero.

Rich and Rosemary Krieger were honored at a surprise anniversary party at O’Sullivans last Sat., Feb. 26. The event was planned by their daughter Meghan, who lives all the way in Acton, Mass.; and her brother Rick, who is a Forest Parker. The Kriegers will observe their 30th anniversary on Mar. 14.

A belated happy 25th anniversary to Derrick and Judy Gist who will celebrate their wedding day on Mar. 2. Happy birthday to: Abigail Fletcher, Heather Babcock, Isabella Selenzi, Joe Breseman, Rich Green, Jill Smenter, David Rodenbostel, Brandon Thompson, Barbara Coleman, Jeremy Loll, Tara Cassiani, Jennifer Deering, Grant Heyer, Tavian Russell, Lucy Landaeta, Steve Blazek, Ryan Marinier, Corwin Lindell, Ed Martinski, Scott Novak, Eddie Johnson, Grace Spence, Steve Grams, Angela Fink, Dorothy Olson, Logan Kantzalero.

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Jackie is a former Chicago and Elmwood Park schoolteacher with an undying love for music, friendly pets and a host of life’s other treasures too numerous to list. She was born on the far southwest side of Chicago in a great neighborhood when it was a great time to be young.