I’m thinking the angels are watching over us this election. Forest Park voters are blessed with a handful of thoughtful, qualified and independent candidates to create an effective and responsive village council and there are a few unproven yet enthusiastic candidates. Perhaps 2011 is the year we wash away stubborn lines in the sand and elect a resourceful group of legislators in which important ideas/resolutions are explained, vigorously debated and possibly adopted. That is how effective, long-lasting solutions are crafted.

After years of growth and expansion, this new decade demands more resourceful and disciplined solutions. The next four years promise to be financially challenging and will affect many aspects of village life. No one person has or needs to have all the answers, as we have the opportunity to elect five smart and serious council members. We’re very lucky, so let’s take advantage of it.

The exceptions are Curry and Mannix. Curry exerted precisely zero legislative effort these past four years – let’s not reward dereliction of duty. Mannix offers stealth, dirty tricks and odd talking points; a serious ‘no thank you’ to this newcomer. Seriously.

Sharon Daly