Two suspects were arrested on March 24 for the severe beating of an elderly woman outside a Forest Park grocery store last month, and one of them now faces an attempted murder charge. 

Forest Park detectives arrested Addison residents Robert Mix, 53, and Kenny Hollyfield, 52, for their alleged involvement in a violent, and unsuccessful, attempt to rob a woman of her purse in the parking lot of Ultra Foods, 7520 Roosevelt Rd., on the night of Feb. 11.

According to a press release from Forest Park police, Hollyfield is believed to be the “primary attacker.” He appeared at bond court in Maywood on Monday morning and was charged with aggravated battery, aggravated battery of a senior citizen, attempted first-degree murder and attempted robbery.

“On Friday, the recommendation [of Forest Park police] was for battery and battery of a senior citizen,” Police Chief Jim Ryan said. “[Assistant State’s Attorney] Maureen O’Brien, she chose to upgrade the charges.”

Mix was charged with aggravated battery and aggravated battery of a senior citizen.

The detectives spotted Mix and Hollyfield in Maywood last week driving around in a car that matched the suspects’ getaway car, which was captured on security footage. The two were in an early-’90s silver Mercury Grand Marquis.

Detective Jarlath Heveran investigated the case and said that the department obtained a list from the Illinois Secretary of State that contained information for every silver Mercury Grand Marquis registered in Illinois between the years of 1991 and 1994. The department used this information, and the damage to the right side of the car, which was captured on security footage, in their investigation. Heveran said police were going from “house to house.”

Mix, Hollyfield and a third, female passenger were spotted by Heveran in Maywood.

“I saw a car that looked [like the] Silver Marquis,” Hevaran said. “I recognized it by the grill and the color.”

He also said that the car’s right-side damage and a sticker were consistent with the getaway car that was caught on tape.

Mix is being held at Cook County Jail on $50,000 bond, and Ryan said Hollyfield will probably be transferred there later today, because his bond hearing was this morning. As of Monday afternoon there was no record of Hollyfield’s detention there, and Ryan did not know what Hollyfield’s bond was.

Police have also identified a third, female subject, but have not located her at this time. Heveran said the female riding with Mix and Hollyfield when they were arrested was not charged with anything.