After reading last week’s Review and the comments made about the other candidates, I have to admit, I felt pretty good about their description of me.  In fact, even with no endorsement, many residents, including several seniors at bingo last Thursday, said I was a “thoughtful, sincere and sensible young man.” 

My issue was their reference to having “casual conversations with neighbors” that turned into a reason for running for office.  I think something like “Sam was having very considerate and compelling discussions with his family and residents throughout the village” would have been more appropriate.  Only after careful, not casual, discussions with my family, did I decide to expose myself and my family to the good and, unfortunately, ugly side of politics.  But, at the end of the day, not being very impressed with the shorter term goals and visions of the other candidates I knew I had to run and win! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I have spent ten years helping families buy and sell homes and have first-hand experience as to why people choose to live and grow in a community.  It is that experience that will be crucial in continuing the improvements and growth of Forest Park. With sales in excess of $500 million and a long list of corporate clients and employees, my experience and knowledge is far reaching           

But I’m far from just a realtor. I’ve built a team of professionals: from our REO division to a corporate relocation department, representing several Fortune 500 companies and have developed very powerful relationships with these companies. I’m also a landlord and manager of over 18 units and take great pride and satisfaction in providing housing for these families. 

It is this entrepreneurial and dedicated spirit that will make me the ideal village commissioner.  It also puts me in a great position to market and expose our town to a whole new network of businesses and individuals.  Think very carefully before you vote, and ask yourself, “Are they the voice and face of the real Forest Park?”  The reality is you are electing a very public, and visible “ambassador” for the next 4 years, because every time you engage the public outside of village matters, you’re representing so much more then yourself.  

Getting involved in politics and having a platform and position to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives is an honor, a privilege and one I will take very seriously throughout my term as your commissioner.  My honest commitment to transparency, open communication and an agenda based solely on a ‘TRUE SPIRIT TO SERVE” is my promise to you, the residents of Forest Park.

Thank you and God bless!
Sam Tarara, Candidate for Commissioner