Mayor Anthony Calderone said Monday that the village will be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for costs it incurred for snow removal in February.

Immediately following the record-setting Feb. 1 blizzard, Calderone submitted a request to FEMA for disaster relief. In the days since, President Barack Obama declared the region a disaster area; subsequently, federal money will be available to recoup the response cost, Calderone said.

“We hope to see at least a substantial reimbursement,” said Calderone, at the March 28 village council meeting. But, he said “it [reimbursement] is not going to happen before our fiscal year ends.”

Village Administrator Tim Gillian said the village spent around $50,000 or $52,000 in response to last month’s blizzard. The bulk of that was in overtime pay for village workers.

The village can only recoup up to three days of costs, Gillian said, and he noted that cleanup “took longer” than that.

-Nick Moroni