Tom Mannix and Sam Tarara, candidates for Forest Park commissioner, recently stopped by our home. I wasn’t there but other family members were.

We later noticed that they had placed their campaign placards on the lawn of the house next door, which is unoccupied and for sale. I’ve seen these placards, including several for Mayor Calderone, on empty buildings or those for sale and thought they must have had permission of the people selling the property to do so.

I know for a fact that Tarara and Mannix could not have asked the owner’s permission in the case of the house next door. This seems like a tacky move, telling of one’s character (not to mention trespassing). I didn’t plan to vote for either of them, anyway. But I really don’t plan to do so now.

I’m not interested in candidates with “ghost support.” Nor am I interested in those who bend the rules for their own gain.

M. Irvine