As we approach the Forest Park municipal election, there are still people questioning my life experience and my ability to serve my community. Contrary to their point of view, I most certainly am willing and able to serve.  And, in fact, I believe I am expected to serve.

A few weeks after my 18th birthday, I received a letter from the Selective Service. It contained my draft card and information on how to join a branch of the armed forces. You see, as an 18-year-old, the United States has enough trust and faith in me to fight for and defend our country everywhere around the world.  In short, the people of our country, our state, and our Village trust me to serve.

So, I believe that the argument about my experience has no merit.  I have worked tirelessly to educate myself about our government, the issues we face as a community, and potential solutions we have for the challenges in front of us.  I have not shied away from forums or interviews, I have walked door to door, I have had conversations with the citizens, and pursued information diligently. I will use my passion, interest and knowledge for the benefit of the Village and its citizens when I am elected as commissioner.  And I believe that is the experience the people of Forest Park expect and, more importantly, deserve.

Matt Walsh, Candidate for Commissioner