I am disappointed with the notion and remark by the Forest Park Review that there no decent District 209 candidates.

For over 10 months I have inquired about and requested more balanced news reporting of Proviso High Schools. I was basically told, “Yes, we know, but please wait.”

I sent a press release regarding my retirement from the board in January 2011 – no Review commentary or discussion. I’ve invited and sent information regarding PTHS numerous times along with identification of the district’s public relations executive.

If the editorial panel continues to send distorted opinion without looking at the clear facts, that’s bad journalism. The comments hurt the students the most. Practice watch you preach about conversation. If you don’t have enough information to make a more educated opinion that can easily be corrected.

Voters please make an educated choice. Proviso High Schools are your public high schools

Bob Cox
District 209 board member, in response to the article “No endorsements, no decent candidates.”