It has been an honor being your Commissioner.  I have always made my decisions based on what is best for Forest Park and all members of our community.  Whether it is reducing my department’s budget (Public Health and Safety) by over $100,000.00, implementing new building codes or the construction of a new CTA-Blue-Line entrance at Circle Avenue, I am very proud of my accomplishments. 

I believe that that government is about helping people and making better communities through integrity, safety, fiscal responsibility and smart decisions.  I have been a resident of Forest Park for over 15 years and proud to call Forest Park my home.

I am also very proud of Forest Park and our accomplishments since my election in 2007, including but not limited to: balancing our village budget and reducing my department’s expenses by over $100,000.00; implementing the Crime-Free Multi-Housing program, and always supporting our police department and fire department; supporting our seniors and youth programs, as well as events that make all of us happy to call Forest Park home (Rib Fest, Summer Fest and other events); working with all residents to make Forest Park better; implementing an  Adult-Use Ordinance that restricts adult businesses in Forest Park and prevents a strip club from opening on Madison Street; implementing new Building Codes concerning residential, commercial and industrial buildings; revising the Zoning Code; and, working with other elected officials to help and improve Forest Park.

Over the next four years, I will continue to make the “right” decisions for all Forest Park residents and make decisions that are always in the best interest of Forest Park and our future.  I will continue to maintain fiscal responsibility and balance the budget.  I will continue the redevelopment of Roosevelt Road business corridor.  I will work with all businesses and keep Forest Park a “business friendly” community.  I will continue to advocate increased public safety, support our police and fire departments, revise the zoning code and implement a new sign ordinance and parking ordinance.  I will continue to support street and alley improvements village wide and determine a short-term and long-term economical solution to the flooding.  I will conduct town-hall telephone conferences thereby giving residents more access to voice their concerns.  I will strive to hire a community development director/grant writer and I will create a dog and cat pantry for animal food and supplies. Most importantly, I will continue to listen to all Forest Park residents and be your independent voice on the counsel.  For more information please visit  

On April 5 I would appreciate you supporting Forest Park and supporting Michael R. Curry.

Thank you.
Michael R. Curry, Commissioner