The Forest Park Review graciously offered Tom Mannix an editorial rebuttal for all candidates the newspaper is not actively supporting, and I welcome the offer.

Tom Mannix understands that with so many candidates running for local office that it is difficult to assess who has given serious thought to improving village government operations and the economy and who is simply running to see their name in the newspaper.

Tom Mannix has spent the last ten years working for the Illinois State Senate and has since begun his own technology and communication business as well as serving as a management consultant. His experience will greatly assist in the management of the Village of Forest Park government and in the expansion of our local economy.

Tom Mannix has provided specific ideas and plans before the public, which some may believe have more merit than others.

Tom Mannix specifically proposed: 1) educational improvement and cost savings measures through single-unit-district, school-management practices; 2) flooding relief through low-cost environmental practices; 3) economic development plans for Roosevelt Road and the village as a whole; and 4) a “Buy Local” initiative which can pump $15,000,000 into the local economy.

The ideas of Tom Mannix have been welcomed by other local businessmen, by school advocates and parents seeking relief from state budget crisis, from residents who suffer from flooding problems and from village officials who are looking for new ideas to grow the economy and cut governmental costs.

These are ideas that need to be further evaluated before being implemented, but we have heard few other new ideas from candidates other than criticism of the current administration run by Tony Calderone, which is very well run. It is easy to tear down, but very difficult to build a smooth, solvent and successful operation.

Tom Mannix is looking for partners in helping to build up Forest Park and he welcomes the assistance of the Forest Park Review in helping build our Village once the newly elected officials take their place in Village government in the near future.

Tom Mannix has encouraged the citizens of Forest Park and the staff of the Review to visit his Facebook page,, to further evaluate the ideas presented, as well as view the video of a successful, buy-local initiative.

If the voters of Forest Park want a commissioner who will offer plans, ideas and a vision to accomplish what has never been accomplished before, Tom Mannix will be that commissioner.

Tom Mannix, Candidate for Commissioner