Dear Forest Park Voter,

You may have recently received a campaign piece that suggests that I want Maywood to annex part of Forest Park. This is simply untrue. I’ve worked 10 years in economic development and I have no intention of having anyone but the Village of Forest Park dictate development in our community.

My proposal to develop more retail along Roosevelt Road is to have Forest Park access an existing enterprise zone that borders our community. By creating more retail business along Roosevelt Road means our community will broaden our tax base and generate more sales tax revenue for the Village of Forest Park.

This will allow Forest Park to continue providing valuable services to our residents, such as the Community Center and snow removal on our sidewalks.

By generating more sales tax revenue from new development along Roosevelt Road means less property taxes from you. I absolutely do not want to solve this revenue problem by asking you for more property taxes. That is an unacceptable option.

Tapping into the existing enterprise zone will give businesses looking to locate in Forest Park incentives to do so. No part of my proposal contains plans for Maywood to annex any property in Forest Park. Forest Park does not give up its independence and will have the ability to direct the development that comes to Roosevelt Road.

On April 5th, I urge you to vote. This is an important election about how we protect our taxpayers and move Forest Park forward. I humbly ask for your vote for Commissioner in Forest Park. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,
Rory Hoskins
Commissioner, Accounts & Finance
Village of Forest Park