Let’s wake up. We’ll never beat ’em so we’d better join ’em. The Chinese are on the move. Four percent unemployment! Of course two weeks in China doesn’t make me an expert, in fact I know less than very little. But what I see can’t be denied. Everyone seems to be working – some of it menial, but a job is a job. The cities Beijing, Chungking and Shanghai all boast wondrous architecture that lights the sky nightly.

Everyone smiled and saying “Nee How” (again,my spelling). I think it means “How are you?” The response is also “Nee How.” The streets are clean, clean, clean. I got the strong feeling that everything is group-oriented in China. Oh, and the little children all made the peace sign when we photographed them. Excuse the rambling, I’m not totally replenished from my traveling.

At the silk factory we saw little white bouncy cocoons being processed into silk thread. It takes eight silk filaments to make one silk thread. The silk filaments are very strong. One of the men in our group, a scientist, said you can shoot a bullet into a pure silk scarf and it will bend, but the bullet won’t penetrate.

Churchgoing is allowed, but most of the young people seem to have no interest in going. I found a small Christian church in Suzhou (Sue-Joe). A group of older ladies were cleaning up, smiling and invited me to come inside. One of our guides said her mother attends the Buddhist temple regularly.

Birthdays, both coming and belated: Rich Schauer, Nicke Tricoci, Rick Barger, Joe Bugajsky, Bill Freeman, Vito Gabino, Jon Leganski, Mitzi DeVilbiss, Tom Callis, Isabel Rossi, Sherri Sandow, Kaylee Reese, Nicholas Lang, David Thompson, Lee Huynh, Fran Nee, Tiffany Basarich, Laura Amarino, Chrissy Neuman, Sara Mesheimer, Zachary Janopoulis.

Happy anniversary to: Brian and Mary Sullivan, Kevin and Melissa Dodge, Bill and Beth Linder. Sorry if I missed anyone, I’m in a fog.