I’d like to congratulate Frank Mott and Sean Blaylock on winning another term for school board. I also congratulate and welcome John Tricoci as our newest board member.

Having worked with Frank and Sean during the past year I have come to respect their dedication and hard work in helping move our schools forward. I have seen the same dedication in John these past few months as he has attended every board meeting.

While I am disappointed to not be returning for a full term, these three gentlemen along with the other four board members and the superintendent have my complete confidence.

As do all school districts, ours has blemishes but the trend in the last few years has been positive. I continue to be proud to send my children to Forest Park Public Schools and will remain active with the school system. I also ask the same of the rest of the citizens of Forest Park. Our public schools are too important to ignore. Thank you.

Rafael Rosa
District 91 School Board member