Racism cannot be tolerated anywhere, period. Having lived in Forest Park my entire life, I along with my family, have enjoyed living in a community that is mixed with respect to race. I have always and will continue to view this community as the real world.

I was too busy in my campaign efforts to stop and take a look at the despicable multi-colored campaign piece that was distributed. I was even more so disappointed in yet another black and white campaign piece that portrayed me as a bigot and stated that I worked to get Rory Hoskins thrown off the ballot. The facts are that Mr. Hoskins’ nominating petition was challenged, and by law I serve on the electoral board that reviewed this challenge, and I voted to keep Mr. Hoskins on the ballot.

Both of these pieces had no place in any campaign, or politics for that matter, they just simply are wrong.

There is no telling who is responsible, and most likely we never will know. There are any number of print shops around Chicagoland that specialize in printing campaign pieces and they do so because it is their business to print. They have no allegiance to anyone or any party. They simply take an order and print the job.

Most disturbing in the world of politics is that sometimes campaign pieces such as these are not crafted or designed by opponents to whom the piece attacks. Sometimes the pieces are designed by the person or persons close to whom the piece attacks in order to gain sympathy. These are strategies and tactics that are real in the world of politics and it is for this reason that I make absolutely certain that idiotic tactics such as these are not even remotely considered by me or anyone working in or on my campaign team.

There has always been a tremendous amount of negativity especially when it comes to campaign election seasons. What has become very damaging to Forest Park and its people is the ongoing negativity spewed by some very disingenuous people who have become very crafty in their ability to soil and spoil the press and the public. Over the last eight years or so there is a clear and present desire by these culprits to be deceitful at all costs, in fact they go to great lengths to remain anonymous not only in their behavior, but also in the way they disguise efforts in the digital information world.

I have learned particularly in this election season that whispering can cause great damage and it cuts to the heart of all that is good in Forest Park. Nothing said while whispering needs to be true since once said it is taken as truth. For those who took the time to listen to reason they came to learn that they had been deceived.

The election has concluded and each of us has a responsibility to take stock and ownership in our home town.

Mayor Anthony Calderone
Web comment in response to the editorial ‘The race card’