The Forest Park Library did its part to celebrate Seniors Week by presenting a concert and art show in the Austin Meeting Room last Thursday.  Shown are some of the German Choir and a few of the paintings in the background. Too bad you can’t hear the piano selections of Dennis Costanza who accompanied the singers.  Friends of the Forest Park Library supplied refreshments. 

Speaking of seniors; did you know Bob Sullivan, a former Forest Park Review columnist, was named as an outstanding senior? Congratulations Bob!

All Saint Bernardine graduates are invited to attend an all-school reunion on Sept. 10, from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. in the school’s hall.  Sheree Pintozzi-Bredow is accepting reservations – $40 for dinner, dancing, etc. For further information, please call Sheree at (785) 633 3384.

The late Ed O’Shea, village attorney for 40-some years, was honored with an honorary street sign at the intersection of Hannah Avenue and Madison Street last Sunday.

That same day, Erik Larson, author of
In the Garden of Beasts, dropped by Centuries and Sleuths bookstore, which was mobbed because of his appearance.

Hurry as fast as your tired feet will carry you to Happy Feet, on 7616 Madison St.  The Chinese have been studying the relationship between feet and the whole body for 5000 years and all of the tiny spots on your feet have a connection to each part of your body. The proper touch can correct and soothe aches throughout the body.

Happy Feet also offers a comprehensive massage. For only $35 you can get an hour-long massage that begins on your neck, covers your head and scalp, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs, and finally your feet. This place is the greatest thing to reach town in 20 years! When you buy ten foot massages, you get one half-hour free!

Happy birthdays this week to: Carl Schwebl, Mike Brown, Peg O’Connell, Jonas Wojtas,  Phyllis DeVilbiss, Janet Fink, Pam Bower, Shirley Stange, Tyler Robert Fink, Mike Jargstorf, Tom Conrad, Zianna Turek, Mark Janopoulos, Matt Schuler, Brenda McNeill, Gary Fink, Tricia Cassiani, Bob Ashcroft, Ben Reina, Emma Elizabeth and Maxwell Joseph Strong, and   Happy anniversary to Tim and Ruth Stefl.

Thanks for your time!