Every 10 years, the lines of the state’s legislative districts are redrawn. Based on the decennial proposals developed by Democrats in the House and Senate, Forest Park will not lose or gain any legislators, but some of its current elected officials could see their districts increase in size.

State Sen. Kimberly Lightford’s 4th District extends south of Forest Park, but will include all of North Riverside as well as parts of Berwyn, La Grange and Brookfield.

Lightford could not be reached for comment on Monday or Tuesday.

The Illinois House also released its proposed map on Monday. Each district is equal to about half of a Senate district.

State Rep. LaShawn Ford (D-8) represents a southern portion of Forest Park and will also pick up all of North Riverside and parts of La Grange. Ford said he’s losing parts of Berwyn as well as Harrison Street in Oak Park. Each House district must have about 108,500 people in it, according to Ford. The 8th District lost 13,000 people during the last 10 years, necessitating some of the shifts.

Forest Park’s other state representative, Karen Yarbrough (D-7), represents the majority of the village. Based on the House redistricting proposal, Yarbrough will gain Westchester and a portion of LaGrange Park, but she will lose a section of her district that stretches through Oak Park into Chicago’s Austin neighborhood.

Nick Moroni contributed to this article